Reflections on Being 50

Things I’ve learned in my fifty trips around the sun. These are in no particular order. Just things I’ve been reflecting on since turning 50.

  1. Time is finite. Use it wisely.
  2. Things don’t last. People do.
  3. Relationships are important, but they are not easy. The best relationships take work.
  4. You will get out of things based on what you put into them.
  5. Weight is easier to put on than to take off.
  6. Children are the best and worst thing in your life. You will love them more than you ever thought possible and they can drive you crazier than anyone else.
  7. A love of learning is more important to instill than “teaching”.
  8. God is real…but He doesn’t always do what we think He should.
  9. Life is hard.
  10. If life were always good, always easy, always pleasant, we wouldn’t know how good it was.
  11. It takes bad times to realize and appreciate the good times.
  12. We are all going to die.
  13. Some people die sooner than they should.
  14. Life’s too short to waste it. Make every day count in some way.
  15. No one else will ever make you happy.
  16. Happiness is fleeting based on circumstances.
  17. Joy is deeper and can be found even when circumstances aren’t the greatest.
  18. Love truly does make the world go round.
  19. Life without love isn’t worth living.
  20. Love comes in many forms. It doesn’t have to be limited to a husband/wife relationship.
  21. Love can be given and received from anyone anywhere.
  22. You will only receive love when you are willing to give it away first.
  23. Sometimes there are no words that can be said.
  24. In those moments…just being there is all you can do….and it is enough.
  25. Scripture is meant to be LIVED not just read.
  26. Gifts come in all shapes and sizes but only gifts given from the heart really mean anything.
  27. People can be extremely unkind.
  28. Most of the time when they are unkind, they don’t even know it.
  29. Forgiveness is free.
  30. Forgiveness isn’t always easy….but it is worth it.
  31. Some people are toxic…to themselves and to others.
  32. Nothing you can do, no amount of love, no amount of hope, no amount of time investing, will ever change a toxic person who refuses to admit who and what they are.
  33. Second chances, third chances, etc. are only for those who truly feel remorse for their actions.
  34. People who feel no remorse will continue to be toxic.
  35. Sometimes all you can do is walk away from toxic people and pray for them from a distance.
  36. Only God can change someone.
  37. God will only change someone when they admit who and what they are and truly want to change.
  38. No matter how much stuff you have, it’s still stuff.
  39. More stuff = more worry about your stuff.
  40. Less truly is more.
  41. Travel allows you to see the world from different perspectives.
  42. Life is bigger than your box.
  43. We all live in our boxes.
  44. Boxes are our comfort zones where life is easy.
  45. Getting outside of our boxes isn’t easy…but it is worth it.
  46. Stepping out of your box gets easier the more you do it.
  47. Amazing things can happen outside your box.
  48. Find a purpose for living…something bigger than just you.
  49. If you can do just one good, kind, generous, loving thing each day then you will impact 365 people’s lives in one year.
  50. It’s never too late until you’re 6 feet under. Until then…you can change, you can restore, you can relate, you can make today better than yesterday.