Take it Back — Pirates???

Ok this morning God used Jimmy Buffett to speak to me. Ok. I know…not exactly a Christian singer but read the words and then ponder the message for us as Christians.

Open season on the open seas and
Captain says no prisoners please
Skull and crossbones on a background of black
We ain’t stealin’ we’re just takin’ back

I think we have all lost ground to Satan. He comes to steal, kill and destroy. But it’s time we stand up to him and TAKE IT BACK!

We ain’t stealin’ we’re just takin’ back
Very simple plan of attack
It’s our job and a labor of love
Take it home to the up above
We ain’t stealin’ we’re just takin’ back
Very simple statement of fact
Call it pillage or call it plunder
We’re takin’ it back from them boys down under

It is a labor of love for us to get out from under Satan’s control of our lives! We are to take it home to the up above. We are fighting the boys down under…the demons sent to rob us of everything in our lives! It’s time we FIGHT!

Hit us hard, took our treasure
That was the worst thing they could do
It will be our great pleasure
To take it back from that captain kangaroo

Satan takes our treasures every day. He takes the joy God intends for us. Sometimes he takes our marriages, our children, our peace, our love.

Yo ho ho, and a bottle of suds
It’s a pirates fight we choose
No we don’t want a bucket of blood
Just a cup is all we could use
Just a cup

No…we don’t want blood, we already have that. God paid it all for us with the blood of his son, Jesus! We have that cup and we can drink from it any time. Communion with God…that’s all we need!

The sails are up and the bets are down
Let’s lighten up this harbor town
By hook or crook or new design
We’re streakin’ for that finish line

We need to keep pushing forward…running that race with perseverance that God set before us. Putting behind those things that are past and pressing on towards the joy set before us!

We ask ourselves when we get in a fix
What would popeye do in a tight spot like this
He’d race for his true love and easily win it
In an old spinach can with a mast stuck in it

Ok…maybe Popeye isn’t our hero but what would Jesus do? He showed us true love and He won us over!

Lift us up, take us high
Time to let our spirits fly
Lift us up, take us high
Let us sail until we die

Absolutely! Lift us up out of this muck and mire and all the attacks of the evil one and let our spirits fly! Let us do the job God has for us until He calls us home.

Lift us up, take us high
Let us float above the foam
Let our sails fill the sky
We are takin’ our sweet treasure home

Let us see past all the stuff that comes all the fray that distracts us daily.

Take it back
We’re takin’ it back
Take it back!

So…I challenge you…take back what the enemy stole from you and if he hasn’t stolen it yet then keep fighting him and don’t let him steal it from you!