Let Your Light Shine

You know God always seems to give me a message repeatedly before I “get” it. The other morning I was praying and asking God to give me a word and he said Matthew 5. I said…”Ok God…that’s the beatitudes. I know those. That’s not a word. I need something more specific.” He said….16.

Ok. I thought 16 was a little past the “Blessed are the’s so I opened my Bible to find….

“In the same way, let your light shine before men, that they may see your good deeds and praise your Father in heaven.”

Ok. That was helpful. I need to keep doing good deeds for others. I got it. But that wasn’t exactly what I got. I went back a few verses and read about the city of the hill and about not putting your light under a bowl and it hit me. My problem lately has been that I don’t want to step out and do what I think God has called me to do because I don’t want to get attention. I don’t want to be on stage. I don’t want people thinking “I’m” something because I know I’m really nothing but a mess that God has managed to make into something useful at times but still most days…I’m just a mess getting through this thing called life. So it has been difficult for me to step out and speak to others when I know I should because I don’t want them thinking I’m wise or that I’m gifted or talented or whatever they might think.

Then it hit me. It wasn’t ME that they would be seeing. If I do stand up and speak, if I do ANYTHING it is not ME that is doing it but GOD IN ME and for that, I give HIM all the GLORY! And

Wow. Ok…that spoke to me.

Yesterday morning I started a new Bible study with two of my daughters. It’s called Bright Lights. The first day was talking about letting our light shine before men and how we are called to the world. Is this a coincidence that this curriculum I picked up in May is about the same thing God told me last week? What is God trying to tell me here? I then began thinking about light and how we take it all for granted.

When I walk into a dark room, I flip a switch. I think nothing about what it took to bring LIGHT into that room. However, when I flip the switch and the light doesn’t come on then I have to get the ladder, find a bulb and replace it. If it still doesn’t work, then I have to find out if perhaps the switch is faulty or maybe the electricity isn’t working. Although these are bothersome things they really aren’t all that difficult for me to get light. Most days I just flip a switch and have light.

Yet God calls us to be lights to the world and so often I am not a light to the world. I think sometimes we think all we have to do is flip a switch and today we can be lights to the world just like I turn on the light in my room.

However, when the Bible was written it took a lot more to get light! They didn’t have bulbs or electricity. If they wanted light after the sun went down they had to do some real work. They had to gather some type of fuel for the fire whether it was brush or oil or whatever would burn they had to GO OUT AND GET IT! Then they had to actually light the fire. I don’t believe they had matches so they would have had to have a flint stone or rub two sticks together but it would have taken some WORK. They didn’t just flip a switch and get light.

Then I started thinking that’s my problem. I think I can just do good deeds and make my light shine and I’m forgetting that it takes MORE than that. I have to go to the source of light. I have to get fuel and I have to ignite the spark. I can’t make light on my own. I have to go to God every day and get fuel and I have to ask Him each day for that spark to ignite the fuel so that it will burn and my light can shine. It isn’t about me doing or being more it is about me GOING to the SOURCE and GETTING more so I can share HIS light with others.