Weak Bonds

In today’s studies with the kids, I realized a few things. We’ve all heard pastors preach on fiery trials and how they are designed to purify us but no one ever seems to go into much detail on the issue. Sure we know that once we endure a trial we are supposed to come out more pure, stronger, able to endure. That’s great but I found a lot more to ponder.

“Melting breaks the weaker physical bonds that bind together molecules, but it does not alter the actual molecular structure of the substance. The solid will return to its original form when cooled.” IBLP Wisdom Book 8

If you consider in a relationship a physical bond being a weaker bond and when fiery trials come, the original substance, the individual, will return to its original form when cooled. Wow…so if you only have a physical bond with your significant other once that relationship begins to cool there will be nothing holding you together.

“The solid with weak chemical bonds is more likely to burn when heated. Burning breaks the weak chemical bonds in a molecule. The atoms split apart and rearrange themselves into different substances.” IBLP Wisdom Book 8

In this type of relationship, the bond is still weak and the two individuals will rearrange themselves into different substances…leave the relationship looking for another.

It seems to me the only bond that will hold you together in marriage is a true SPIRITUAL bond!

“Fire bonds pure metals which result in greater strength” IBLP Wisdom Book 8

Only by going through difficult times together in relationships will we produce the bond that we need to make the relationship stronger.

“While pure silver and pure gold are beautiful to look at they wear down quickly and are not durable enough to be of much use.” IBLP Wisdom Book 8

The individual Christian no matter how strong they are in their walk will grow weary in walking alone. Only when two strong Christians unite and walk together will they be durable enough to last.

“Fire separates that which is durable from that which is perishable” IBLP Wisdom Book 8

When trials come in a marriage or in any relationship, it will separate the true Christians from those pretending to be Christians. A true Christian will endure the hardship and grow from it and allow it to bring the partners closer together. However, a false Christian, will choose to walk away from the relationship refusing to change.