REV Group/Fleetwood Quality, Service, Delays

Be sure to read my follow up on our service issues with REV Group/Fleetwood here.

I don’t like to post negative reviews on any company. I prefer to give them a chance to correct an issue and see if we can come to some sort of resolution. However, after the latest round with Rev Group and Fleetwood, I feel I need to share this with the public so you can know what to expect if you choose to RV.

Just a little background. We had a 2001 Coachman Sportscoach. We purchased it used with only 7,000 miles on it. My late husband lived in it in New Jersey when he was working in NYC. It served him well for 2-3 years. When he brought it home to Texas it began to deteriorate rapidly. It had lots of issues and by 2013 when I tried to rid myself of it, very few systems were functional on it.

We found a 2013 Fleetwood Expedition with bunks that seemed to be the perfect fit for me and the six kids! We did a deal that seemed fair and traded our old POS for the brand new Fleetwood. It was sweet. So much more room with that full wall slide added. Decent storage space. We thought it was great. We had a few minor issues with it. The dinette table broke and wouldn’t go up and stay up. We got that fixed. The Ushaped dinette, although it looked good on paper, was a DISASTER. For some reason, they put a large pedestal to hold up a tiny table. I have six children and even putting our three smallest who were 6, 7 and 9 at that time at the table there was no room for their feet on the floor. It seems Fleetwood designs things on paper and never really tests them out. I stand at 5′ 10″ so my feet are no dainty size 6. I couldn’t sit at any position on the table because my feet wouldn’t fit. My 6′ 6″ son…yeah…not gonna happen. So we had this worthless space that didn’t work. We had a few other minor issues like the propane stove regulator didn’t work right. We replaced that ourselves. Then the propane stove was not, getting any gas to it. The service center said the slide was crushing the hose so we had to pull the slide in just a bit if we wanted to cook. Seriously? Can’t they FIX that? But…they did not.

Since the dinette was such a HUGE problem we decided to go ahead and upgrade to a newer 2015 Fleetwood Expedition also a 38B in 2015. I figured since my oldest son was moving out and wouldn’t be there to fix things that having a new coach with a new warranty AND getting a better dinette would be all a PLUS.

BUT. NOPE. It has been a total DISASTER. It started with the water heater not working. It seems the electric element was burned out as soon as we started using it. Ok…fixed that. Then the thing wouldn’t heat right at all. Three attempts at repairs later and we might finally have that resolved.

The A/Cs have never cooled in this unit. Now consider, we had a 2 year older model that we purchased in Arizona in AUGUST! Same size, same ducts, same A/Cs. It kept us just fine in Arizona in August. But this new model has never cooled right. Yesterday it was about 84 outside in Indiana and it was 80 inside! A 5 degree temperature difference? Once it reaches 80 degrees outside the temperature inside begins to climb and most days it is HOTTER INSIDE than it is outside!

Now I’ve paid three times to have my A/C serviced. Dealers keep telling me the unit is dirty and that’s the problem. So…three times I’ve paid to have it cleaned in three different locations and each time…NO CHANGE is our issues.

Now, some days it does work. The other day we had it a nice 77 inside when the temps outside were over 80. Now…we have it set at 68! IT NEVER reaches the temperature it is set at.

We’ve had several other issues with this coach. Bay doors not closing, front door rattles and wouldn’t close, sliding closet door keeps coming off its track, three burner stove won’t light, etc. Lots of little things. Our biggest issue was right after taking delivery we noticed the bedroom carpet was getting pushed up. I asked the dealer to fix it. They shoved it under the slide and called it good. Next stop…yep…carpet getting pushed up.

We dealt with the carpet issue for months trying to get someone to repair it. No one wanted to touch it. Several months later I finally got a dealer to replace the carpet. By this time half the carpet and padding in the room was pushed off the floor and wadded up into a ball in the middle of the room.

Not ONCE when we asked several dealers to fix the carpet did they EVER say our slide was the problem. It seems some support on the full wall slide was broken and that was causing the carpet issues.

We then began having cracked tiles and other issues. I began contacting Fleetwood corporate and asked for an appointment at the factory service center in Indiana. They said we could come in November. Now, I’m a single mom driving this bus alone. I’m pretty sure if I’m in Indiana in November there’s a good chance snow will be involved in us getting back down south. They then told me that I could go to their new Texas factory service center and that “Texas can do everything we can do.”

So…booked that for January in Texas since we had to go to Texas anyway. Waited months for everything to line up just perfectly and then paid for a cabin near the service center for a full week so they would have plenty of time to do the repairs. Dropped the coach off, moved into the cabin and waited. When we returned in one week imagine my surprise to find that most of the items on our list were STILL NOT DONE!

Texas said that they cannot fix the slide issue. They said only Indiana has the tools necessary to remove the slide and repair it. The wall that was separating from the inside was in their opinion a much bigger job than they could handle. Our door they “fixed” now would not even OPEN. Our propane stove sparker that wouldn’t light…now we have two burners that don’t work at all. The various drawers that keep coming open during travel..>STILL no replaced latches on them. I have no idea what they did that entire week but I could only find 2 small items they actually repaired.

After that fiasco I wrote a SEVENTEEN (17) page letter to REV group executivies about all the problems we’ve had with this “new” coach. SEVENTEEN PAGES. There should NOT be 17 pages of things wrong with something that is brand new. I also copied the executives at FMCA as well as Good Sam Club. I figured if Fleetwood is making such shoddy products then the RVers need to know so they can purchase another brand.

Well, my letter did get their attention. They scheduled us for repairs in Indiana for as soon as we could get there. Due to prior committments which we had already paid to attend, we didn’t make it to Indiana until May. Once we arrived the VP of after market service met with me and his team of people and assured me that all our problems were repairable and that they would “do whatever it took to make me happy”. I told them at that time I really didn’t think that was possible as I had asked for them to correct these things for months and I was only ignored.

But…I gave them a chance. They did bring a Discovery out for us to camp in on their site so that I didn’t have to get a hotel room. They had to remove our full wall slide so us staying in our RV during repairs was not an option. All our beds are in that slide. They completely removed the slide floor so we were essentially homeless.

I will say the VP was very polite and seemed to be concerned about all our issues. Our dinette was coming apart at the seams, literally, every seem was coming un sewed. Now we had this same coach for 2 years and not one seem busted. So I find it hard to believe my children are busting the seems especially since they are now 3 years older and more careful in the RV than they were at first. We agreed that instead of putting back in the second dinette that we also hated. This dinette had a fixed table and it looked great. But, now remember, I’m 5′ 10″ if I sit at the dinette and try to eat…my plate is right under my chin! The table is way too high for anything. Imagine smaller children sitting there trying to do school work, or eat! It was a disaster. Since they already had to completely remove it to repair all the problems with it we agreed that they would install the credenza and table with free standing chairs. Not the best option with kids, but so far 2 dinettes were a failure!

The only problem with changing out our dinette completely is it takes 3 weeks to get all these parts in. So we agreed that our famliy would continue our travels and return when the parts were all ready for install. We did our travels and returned. I contacted our service advisor a few days before we arrived just to make sure everything was ready for install. I had asked the VP when we left if he could arrange for us to sleep in the Discovery when we returned. He assured me it would be here. In fact, he said they would just leave it on the lot so that it was ready and waiting for us.

We arrived yesterday ready for our service to begin today. When we arrived I didn’t see our Discovery waiting for us. I went inside to inquire and the receptionist gave me the keys. I went outside to find…a FLAIR! Now this flair is like 31′ maybe 33′ long. It’s TINY. The bunks aren’t large enough for full sized children to sleep on. Toddlers probably but my 17 year old daughter is NOT going to fit on that bunk. The unit has only 1 A/C and its so small I have no idea how all FIVE of us are going to fit inside it. It’s also gas powered and has tiny little water tanks. This means I’ll have to drive it to the dump EVERY DAY to dump it and fill it. My daughter goes to plug in the electric so we can get the A/C going. They didn’t even plug it in! It’s probably over 100 degrees inside that thing. She discovers it’s a 30 amp coach and the plugs in the post are 50 amp! Yeah…this is NOT going to work.

I went back inside and expressed my concerns to the receptionist. She contacts my service advisor who seems completely clueless. I asked him to call the VP as I left my phone in my RV. He calls and says he got voicemail. I went back to the coach, got my phone and left the VP a lengthy and heated voicemail message about this situation.
The VP called me back and again seems really nice. He explained that someone sold the Discovery we were staying in and so it was not available. He never did explain why they decided a tiny Flair would be sufficient. Someone obviously made the decision to put that on the lot for us. He did find another Discovery for us and assured me it would be cleaned up and delivered by 9:00 am today.

Well at 6:00 am the service people came to pick up my RV to take it into the shop and begin work. Um. NO. I am not taking 5 cats and 4 children into the lobby to sit all day. We need a place we can eat, we need a refrigerator to put our food into, we need to be able to sleep at night and the kids need to be able to do their school work while we’re stuck here. I’m not sure what they expected us to do all day.

At 9:00 still no Discovery. The phone rang and it was the service advisor again. The Discovery needs new batteries. We’re going to replace those before we bring it out. I asked how long that would take? They said it “might” be here sometime this afternoon. Seriously? MIGHT?

Now I just paid Interstate Battery to replace all of my coach batteries at the FMCA rally I just attended. They did all of that in maybe an hours time. Yet Fleetwood says MAYBE this afternoon!

I had decided that we were going to go ahead and replace our propane cooktop with an induction cooktop. They ordered all the parts and I am expecting to pay for that installation. However, at this point in time I’m not sure I want to put one DIME into this Fleetwood. It just seems to be too much trouble to get anything done.

First, I have tried several dealers across the country. If they sell Fleetwoods they are supposed to be able to service them. Most of the time they refuse to do any service work at all. I have gotten Camping World to do some repairs but they refuse to do any warranty work so I always have to pay out of pocket. The Fleetwood factory service center in Texas was completely incompetent. Nothing they fixed was fixed and almost everything they touched was worse than before. Now we’re at the factory service center for the second time and I feel like we’re being treated like the “red headed step child”!

There is no excuse for a brand new coach having so many issues. I owned this same model only 2 years older and it did not have these issues! I have friends who own this same model in a 2014 and they had the same A/C problems we did. Fleetwood completely re-did their ducts and now I can stand in their bedroom and feel plenty of cool air blowing out and their bedroom is the same temperature as the front of the coach. In mine…I can close every vent up front and it’s still hot in the bedroom.

Fleetwood and I are going round 2 on this one. I do know this, I will NEVER buy a Fleetwood again. If I hadn’t already sunk money into TWO of their units I would be upgrading again to a Newmar! As it stands now I cannot afford to upgrade for a third time!

Fleetwood, the ball is in your court! So far we have wasted two days and now our service will be beginning possibly on Friday. That means we will be stuck here probably another week since they have delayed our service due to their lack of communication.