Into Every Life, A Little Rain Must Fall

Watching our brothers and sisters in Texas go through the flooding I am reminded of a word God spoke to me some time ago when I felt like I was drowning.  My hope and prayer is that everyone in Texas who has survived this last storm will find the faith and strength to not just endure but to let it build deep roots in them.

I was lying in bed this morning listening to the gentle sound of rain and thinking how much I love hearing the rain.  I was just enjoying the quiet before all the kids get up then God said, “Into every life, little rain must fall.”  Ok. God, that’s so cliché.  I know we all need rain, but God, don’t you think I’ve had my share of rain lately?

God, I know we all go through tough times but God, really, I think I’ve had more than my share.  You know God, there was the bad marriage, then the affairs, surviving the affairs, putting the marriage back together, a difficult pregnancy, no income for two years, facing bankruptcy, remodeling the house, my husband’s suicide, CPS taking the kids, fighting to get them back, walking through forgiveness of the adulterous women, trying to finish the house, a couple rounds of illness with me and the kids this last year, the difficult financial times we are facing, and I could go on God.  You know how hard these last few years have been on me and now no hot water and no shower.  God…I think I’ve had about all the rain I can stand.  This isn’t rain it is a FLOOD and I’m drowning.  How much longer God?  Will you ever stop it from raining on me?  Too much rain isn’t good.  I don’t think I can handle anymore.

God said, “What is the rain for?”  Well I know we need rain to water the plants and make them grow.  No rain isn’t good so I don’t mind a little rain but God, really, I think I’ve been watered too much.  I can’t do anymore.  Please make the rain stop.  God said, “It takes a lot of rain to make roots grow deep.  If I water only a little you will have shallow roots but if I water you completely then your roots will grow deep and then there is nothing that you cannot withstand.  When the storms come they cannot blow you over easily.    I want you to have deep roots.”

Ok God.  I think I’ve got some pretty deep roots now.  Can we stop this watering?  Can I have some time to grow and enjoy the growing season, seeing and smelling the flowers, eating the fruits, enjoying what the rain produced?  Can we stop watering and move on?

God said, “Soon”.