Super Heros – Who did you want to be?


I just found out that our Family Camp at the ALERT facility will give us an opportunity for an old fashioned “swap meet”.  We are encouraged to bring things to trade or sell or information on our ministry to share.  I was reflecting on our travels last year and the people we were able to help, some with food, some with money, some by being hands to help them clean up after the devastation of a tornado and some just being there to listen.  My desire is to travel more and to be able to visit widows and do projects for them that they might not have the money to do, the time to do or the ability to do.  As I sat here thinking about creating a brochure to take to our Family Camp to share my ministry idea with others to give others an opportunity to join us in this endeavor it made me remember super heros.

Every little boy growing up admires some super hero.  At least in this country.  Superman, Batman, Spiderman, even little girls can get caught up in it dreaming about being Wonder Woman.  Perhaps I had this thought because my daughter is wearing her Wonder Woman t-shirt today complete with its detachable cape.  As I thought about children running around pretending to “save the world” or rescue the girl in distress, I wondered…what happened?

Obviously, they, we, grew up.  We realized we don’t have any super power.  We can’t leap tall buildings in a single bound.  We aren’t able to climb walls.  We don’t have any spidey senses, and we don’t even have a magic lasso that makes people tell the truth.  SO WHAT!

So what if your favorite hero had some power and you don’t.  Do we really have villains like (oh and this is where I should have paid more attention to the comics)….ok well you know the evil villains.  They always had something that made them almost equal to the hero that made them very difficult to defeat.

And guess what…to some little boy, to some single mom, to some daughter who’s lost a mother, YOU have SOMETHING they don’t.  To the homeless, you have a home.  To the hungry, you probably throw food away that’s gone bad.  To the children without a father, you are a man with two good hands that can throw a ball.  No, you may not be all star material.  You may be carrying a few extra pounds you’ve intended to lose, but to someone, YOU COULD BE A HERO!

Think about it.  How much time do you spend every week on the following activities:

  •  watching tv
  •  playing video games
  •  feeling sorry for yourself
  •  reading online dating profiles
  •  reading books to “escape.”
  •  Facebooking

You know you do it.  We all do.  I’m just as guilty as the next person.  I have my time wasters.  I also have six children so I “justify” my time wasters saying I “need” a break.  How do you justify your time wasters?

What would happen if YOU decided right now to pull out your super hero cape, dust it off, mend the holes in it and put it back on?  What would happen if YOU chose to do WHAT YOU COULD to help someone else?  Not just once, not just once a year or once a quarert but what if you choose each and every day to tune into your spidey sense and listen to it?  When you see, hear or feel that there is a need that you might have the skills to meet you are the one that steps into the phone booth, rips off your work clothes exposing your cute little red and blue tights with the underwear on the outside and rushes into save the person in need?

It’s simple really.  Instead of wasting your time look for ways every day to do something for someone less fortunate than yourself.  I guarantee you no matter how low down on the needy list you are, there is always someone below you!  I have yet to meet the person that is at the bottom of that list.  If you normally throw out food, why not take the leftovers to share where someone needs them?  I loved living in New York city the 30 days that we spent there.  Every time we left a restaurant, and we had leftovers there was always someone just around the corner we could give them to.  It may be more difficult to find them here in suburbia, but I guarantee you there are ways.

What if instead of spending time online looking through online dating profiles for “the one” you put that time to good use volunteering to help a single mom with kids?  Do you know how many young kids don’t get to play sports because their mom is too exhausted to take them to practice and games?  Do you know how many boys have never been taught how to mow a lawn or mend a fence or do simple repairs around the house?

I’m not saying you need to know everything about everything or do something you can’t.  I’m saying YOU, right where you are have something that you are good at.  I guarantee you that whoever you are and wherever you are at in life you also have some time that you waste doing something that really isn’t benefiting this world at all.  I know if I have six children, am a single mother, who homeschools all her children and is taking full time classes at college right now and I have wasted time not just every week but every day then I can pretty much guarantee you unless you are the President of this country you have some time somewhere in your week that you do something wasteful.

So I’m challenging you, and I’m challenging myself.  Let’s build an ARMY of SUPER HEROS!  Let’s stop expecting somebody else to take care of the problems in this country.  We all complain about taxes and how the government tries to fix everything.  What if WE FIXED the issues ourselves?  Imagine that.  If we were able to take care of the social problems in our society, then the government wouldn’t have anyone on those programs and wouldn’t have to keep increasing taxes to make more programs.

Who was your super hero when you were a child?  Who did you want to be when you grew up?  Don’t you think it’s about time you at least TRIED?  Clark Kent would never have been Superman if he stayed home watching football now would he?