God is so good!

Ok. God got me the other day. Any of you who go to Gateway Church have heard Pastor Robert’s blessing stories, and for years I’ve given to others and never really had one of those really cool stories. Yeah, there was the time Stephen hadn’t worked in a year, and someone gave me maternity clothes, and I’m grateful but it just wasn’t the same. I know lots of ladies, and we’re always giving each other clothes so although that was a true blessing and thank you whoever you are, it just wasn’t like everyone else’s stories.

At Christmas time the year my husband died, another woman I knew also became single.  She, like me, had no one to take her kids so that she could have a break.  I knew how hard it was to be a single mom with kids and I really wanted to bless her.  I prayed and thought about what I could do and decided to take her to the single’s Christmas party.  I arranged everything so that she could have a great day without kids and go out for the evening to a Christmas party.  My heart was just to bless her and make her feel special.  I hadn’t even thought about God giving me anything in return.

As it turned out, we were even able to have someone watch her children so that after the party she came back to my house and we enjoyed a girls sleepover like when we were kids.  The next morning after she left, I opened my mailbox.  There was a Christmas card inside. It was from the insurance company that our business policies were through.

They probably sent us $20. I read the kind note about how much they liked my husband and hoped that their gift would bless us this year. I then opened the check to find it was for $2,000. Wow. I laughed out loud.

I remembered Pastor Robert’s story about how he felt good about giving away a car, and he was almost bragging to God about ok God, I’ve done a good thing here. I’ve given a car to someone. Then someone called him and gave him an airplane, and he heard God say, “you can’t outgive me.”

Today I was working on arrangements to bless another single mom I just met who’s had a very tragic year this year. Again, I was only trying to figure out what I could do to help her through this time. At church this evening someone I know came up to me and said he was supposed to give me something and I was to ask no questions. I opened the envelope, and it said Merry Christmas and inside it was $100.

I think I’ve finally found the blessed life Pastor Robert talks about so much. Always before, I would think, ok God, Stephen’s out of work so I’m going to bless these people and we really need you to bless us. This time I was only thinking of what I could do for someone else. I didn’t add up what I spent; I certainly could have reasoned my way out of it. The economy is down. I don’t know how long we will make it on our income. I should really just save everything we have and not spend anything. Instead, I was thinking what would I like if I were a single mother trying to make it on my own my first Christmas and I did what I could to bless her and God turned around and blessed me.

The funny thing is I talked to my brother this afternoon. He has a tv he doesn’t need and I was trying to get him to give it to a single mom I know. He said he would give it to her for $100. I thought this evening I could give him the $100 and give her the tv.  Now I have the $100 to give him and can give her the tv.

What an awesome God we serve!