It is a Good Day to Die

If you are a Star Trek fan like me you recognize these words as a motto of the Klingon race. They are always prepared for battle, ready to die if necessary. Today these words keep rolling around in my head. I keep thinking how this should be our Christian motto as well.

Not that we are ready to give up on life and end it all going to heaven, but that we are to give up our lives, our wants, our desires, our SELF…die to everything that is us. It is only when we lose our lives that we find life. Jesus called us all to give up our lives for others. It is not an easy task.

We all want something, love, happiness, peace, finances…whatever we are lacking in our lives we hold onto so tightly that we cannot receive anything else.

God knew what He was doing when He said you must lose your life to find it. When I have been able to put away ME and focus on helping someone else I receive so much more back. An emptiness is filled by the act of giving away that thing which I didn’t even know I could give.

So…today is a good day to die is my motto as I fight this battle here on earth. I will give everything of ME, dying to myself for the glory of God.