All I wanted was a coat!

First, let me say I have published a lot of my writing on Facebook over the years. I’m going to be moving those old things to the blog. I’ll start with something fun!

You know it seems at my house things always just seem to get complicated. I was wondering this morning when we had to take the closet door off its hinges so I could get a coat out if it was just us or if other people do stupid things like we seem to do.

I put an over the door hanging hook on the closet door so that we could put a few jackets on it to grab quickly. I thought it would encourage the children to hang up their jackets rather than just throw them on the closet floor. The problem is that the kids like the hook so they try to hang ALL their jackets on the hook. When you have 7 people living in one house the rack quickly becomes overcrowded.

I told at least 3 children over the last week to take all those jackets off the hook and hang them properly on coat hangers. Apparently, no one was listening. They just put more and more coats on the hook and the door wouldn’t close.

Some bright child decided that if they just shut the door completely then mom would quit telling them to remove the coats. We still don’t know who the guilty party is but someone managed to shut the door with all those coats piled on the hook. The problem is they caught one coat in the door between the hinges. Now, this probably wouldn’t have happened if I had remembered to purchase three extra door hinges.

It seems when my bathroom door was removed and sitting for months waiting for the floor guys to finish their work someone misplaced the three hinge pins for that door. So when they finally put my bathroom door back on its hinges the answer was to steal one hinge pin from two other doors and use those two pins to put the bathroom door up. I was supposed to buy 3 hinge pins next time I went to Lowes. However, this hasn’t occurred to me until today. Because the middle hinge was missing on the coat closet, the coat was able to wedge itself in the opening just enough so that when someone forced the door closed it put just enough pressue on the door that we couldn’t get the latch to open.

It all came to a head this morning when the motorhome repairman was at my door. I was going to be in my car waiting to take him to the motorhome so he could winterize it for me. I tried to open the door to grab a coat and it wouldn’t budge. Great. It’s a little cold for us all to go coatless!

My oldest son then said, “I didn’t want to do this” and walked off. He came back with a screwdriver and a hammer and removed the hinge pins so we could open the door.

Of course, the repairman showed up while we’re taking the door off its hinges to get a coat. I’m thinking he must think we’re absolute idiots if we can’t open a door but must remove its hinges!

So I’m wondering…are we the only ones that have stupid things like this? I mean we seem to be able to complicate the most simple things from time to time. All I wanted was a coat!