I am really excited about all the new technology that is available for managing life online.  I recently put my house on the market and moved full time into an RV.  This was a bit of a challenge for me technically as I was a software developer and have always had my own personal SERVER at home.  Trying to figure out how to manage all the years of data I had collected became quite the chore.  I settled on several items.  However in managing all these items I encountered some issues.  One was that my NAS drive that I purchased to be my traveling server crashed on me even though it had 4 drives and was RAID 5 striped so that if a drive fails you simply replace the failed drive and it rebuilds all the data.  Unfortunately Buffalo Tech cannot explain why the entire system failed completely and refuses to boot at all and reports no bad drives so I have lost EVERYTHING I had locally.

However, I had backed up all my data to various online “clouds” before leaving home taking advantage of several free cloud services as well as a few paid ones.  But this too can become quite cumbersome.  I stumbled upon CloudHQ today and MAN OH MAN is this thing pretty slick!  It has the ability to actually SYNC all my data from multiple sources so I can access the most important files from any service or share files with someone who prefers one service and with the new Amazon option of UNLIMITED storage I can have it set to automatically BACK UP all my other clouds to my Amazon cloud drive. I’m really excited about this and looking forward to seeing it in action.

My issue with travelling is having limited internet access and usually I’m restricted to crappy free wifi (you get what you pay for) or using my cell data plan.  Currently I’m using 10 gig on a Verizon Jetpack and 10 Gig on my AT&T phone plan.  I had to increase to 30 gig temporarily in order to upload lots of current files after the failure of the NAS drive.  I’m taking no more chances with local data.

I have had one fear of the cloud drive companies going out of business.  Using CloudHQ to do a backup of all my other clouds is alleviating this fear for me.  I encourage you to check it out.  See if CloudHQ can help you manage the cloud jungle!