The most dangerous thing about COVID-19

Here it is Friday, March 13, 2020 and I’m watching our economy tank.  This isn’t the first financial crises we’ve seen in our country, but I do believe that this one has the most absurd reason behind it and that really angers me.

If you’re reading this currently, then you know we are in the midst of a “pandemic” from the corona COVID-19 virus.  If you’re reading this after it becomes history, then hopefully, people will have learned something from all of this nonsense.

Here’s the problem as I see it.  Is this virus a pandemic?  Based on the CDC and the WHO definitions of what makes a pandemic then yes it is a pandemic.  But is it something that we should be closing schools businesses, stopping sporting events, etc. and everyone living in fear for their lives because of this virus?  I think not.  Only history will prove me right or wrong.

Here’s the thing.  People are listening to the media and the media loves to spout numbers and their theories and they thrive on people being glued to their radios, tv or now the internet to see what’s going on.  The truth is, whether you choose to believe it or not, the influenza virus kills more people every year than this virus most likely will kill.  Yet every year that virus comes and goes and it is spread around schools and workplaces and no one bothers to get their flu shots that could theoretically prevent it.  (I am an anti-flu shot person.  I’m not convinced it does what they say it will do.  But it is my choice and in my 54 years of life I’ve only ever been diagnosed with influenza 1 time.  But that’s another story.)  The fact is when you compare all the numbers we currently have, this virus is no worse than the flu.

Now, people will give you the Spanish Flu as a comparison but do some research and you will find that the numbers being quoted by the media are not accurate.  There’s a great article here that describes the fallacies in those numbers being reported and gives you more facts.  The other thing is our medicine has improved vastly over what we had in 1918.  I mean really.  We didn’t even have penicillin back then, something we take for granted these days.  You can’t compare the Spanish flu to this current virus in any way shape or form unless you are looking at it under a microscope.  But how it affected people 100 years ago cannot be compared to how it would affect people today.

What really angers me is the way people are behaving, listening to the media and acting upon it.  They have thrown all logic out the window. This has been an ongoing problem in our society for a few decades where ignorance seems to be the normal and intelligence, logic and reason seem to always have to take a back seat to the “masses” of idiocy running rampant in our society.  We jokingly say at our house that we should perhaps remove all warning labels from products and let the problem take care of itself.  I mean really.  Are people so stupid they need to be told not to use the toaster while in the bathtub?  If they are, do we really want them reproducing?

But I digress.  My real reason for this post is that people need to wake up. This is just a small virus.  It is the same kind of virus that causes the common cold.  Yes…corona virus is very common there are many strains of it and it is the same thing that causes the common cold.  So why the panic?  Because we have all lost our ability to think for ourselves.  People have become nothing more than followers who believe the lies the media feeds them.  We call those people sheeple in our house because they don’t have the sense God gave them to think for themselves.

Why am I angry?  I am angry as I watch the stock market plummet not because there is any real reason for it.  We don’t have a tech bubble or a credit crises or a housing market fiasco like we had previously.  All we have is people panicking and running around like chicken little saying the sky is falling and that fear drives the market and in this case it is driving the market down so low that people will lose their life savings, their 401ks become worthless, etc.  THIS is what angers me.  It also angers me that some politicians are still playing games instead of doing the right thing.  Regardless of what side of that political fence you sit on this is not the time for one side to call the other names, it is a time for BOTH sides to come together and find SOLUTIONS. 

So…what do I want to say to everyone reading this.  I want to warn you of the future.  I’ve always homeschooled my children and I’ve always been a very intelligent and logical person and my children have grown up in an environment where we ask questions.  At times it is most annoying when I tell them to do something and they want to have a debate for 30 minuets about why and is there a better way and go on and on questioning as I’ve taught them to do when I just need something done now.  But I would much rather have them annoy me with questions than become sheeple who cannot think for themselves. 

One discussion we’ve had in the last few years is about how our young people today and our young adults seem incapable of doing things that young people did decades before.  It is now considered unacceptable to expect your child to keep their room clean and do chores.  Instead mom is supposed to do it or you hire someone to do it while the kids are engaged with whatever they want, sports, music, friends, video games, etc.  Very few are ever expected to “work” in any capacity.  In the last election our students in college need a day off because their candidate lost the election.  The young people are demanding “safe spaces” everywhere including not having to see a hat worn by the opposing political candidates!  Really?  How did we get here?  How did we get to the point where our men are so forgive me for the word sissified that they are incapable of handling things they should be handling and our women are stepping up to be the men in many cases because the men won’t.  (Again, that’s another story.)

But what I ask my children is this. If we were to have another world war like the last one (for which I was not alive but I have read about it and heard about it from my elders) what would happen?  In WWII we sent young men just out of high school to war.  Women had to step up and take over jobs they had never done before.  But in addition to that, we had rationing.  People were told how much of something they could buy.  Common items were in short supply because everything went to the “war effort”.  And we were all willing to make those sacrifices.  You didn’t have people hoarding things or going to the store looting it and demanding their whatever.  No, you have people who were adults who realized that if we didn’t all pitch in, we could all lose what we loved most, our freedoms.  But today’s “pandemic” is not playing out well.  My daughter just got back from a grocery store that 2 days ago still had plenty of everything on the shelf.  We just needed a few items and she said the store was mostly empty.  No paper products, no cleaning products, no frozen foods.  The one good thing was the entire ice cream section was completely full.  If I’m going to perish, then at least I can do so enjoying some ice cream before I die.  There are videos of people waiting outside of stores for the doors to open and them racing through the store to grab toilet paper. 

THIS is what angers me and makes me worry more than this virus.  You see I’ve looked at the data and the data on the virus says that old people or people with pre-existing medical conditions are likely to die if they get the virus.  Now I’m definitely not still young but I’m not that old yet and I have no diagnosed medical conditions although I do know I am developing them from my bad choices the last few years.  However, I’m still not likely to die from this virus and no more likely to die from it than from the common influenza virus.  The data shows that people are over reacting but no one cares about the data.  They only care about what the latest media whatever person said.  So they are panicking and hoarding things so that they will survive.  Now the thing is, they most likely won’t get the virus but yet someone else might have no toilet paper because they have enough for an army to use for months.  This is what scares me.

It is how selfish and demanding our society has become.  This little pandemic that has yet to reach critical mass has already started the panic.  If the people continue on this path the government will have no choice but to step in and start controlling people and the people won’t like that.  Then they’ll be whining and complaining that their rights have been violated.  But do you really have the right to be a selfish jerk all the time?  Do you have the right to demand that others not wear things you find offensive?  Do you have the right to buy up all the food so that others can’t get basic groceries?  No, you don’t.  But you the masses all seem to think that you so and you have this me first mentality and no one seems to care about anyone else. 

I don’t believe people are quarantining themselves so that they won’t make someone else sick. Oh I’m sure there are some of those out there, but it really only helps for you to quarantine yourself if you ARE sick.  But I believe people are quarantining themselves out of fear so they WON’T get sick.  It’s just more selfishness.

What I know is…sooner or later something really serious is going to come for us.  Whether it is another world war, or another attack from a country that hates us or a real pandemic something that affects everyone and for which nothing will stop it or an asteroid is heading for us or a solar flare for which we are long overdue by the way, but something bigger is coming and what worries me is how this country will react when we are finally facing something serious.  Will we be the America we used to be and pull together for the good of all of us, helping others and sacrificing for the greater good so more of us can survive, or will we selfishly hoard as much as we can only looking our for ourselves.

THAT is what lesson you should learn from this COVID-19 “pandemic”. 

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