A Little New Year’s Organization with Notion

I’m doing something a little different with my blog post today. I wanted to get organized this year and be more productive. We’ve all gotten into the habit since my older boys moved out of being lazy and not getting much done other than what had to be done. This year, I wanted to work on that. I’ve tried to find the right organization and motivational tools and this has been a real struggle for me. Part of my problem is, I am not accountable to any one. When my husband was alive, he was the head of the house and he was to set some things he wanted us to accomplish and then it was my job to carry them out. Although he often lacked in his duties of defining things for us, I still felt I need to show him things we accomplished whether it was reporting to him on the kids growth and health after their doctor visits or telling him about what we got done for school that day. Of course, he could see how the housework was or was not getting done. The bottom line was there was another adult and I felt like i had someone to report to and some duties that I was responsible for completing each day, week, month, year.

However, since his death and especially since we sold the house and moved into our RV fulltime, things have changed. The kids are all over and can manage on their own for much of their basic needs. My oldest daughter is responsible for grocery shopping and cooking because she loves cooking. My middle daughter has taken on the responsibilities for RV stuff and the two youngest don’t need my help much in school now either. So other than planning our RV route, paying the bills and driving the bus, I really don’t have a lot that I have to get done in any given day. This mean…I’ve gotten L A Z Y!

I do admit, on some level, I have needed a break. Raising 6 kids pretty much on my own with no break for the last 11 years I have put in plenty of work so I have enjoyed taking it easy and getting a little break from all the pressure of things that have to get done. However, my little break has now gone on far too long and it’s turned into just laziness or slothfulness as we call it and that is not good for any of us.

This year I’ve decided I’m going to work on being more intentional about life. Trying to turn that into a reality, however, is a challenge for me. For several months now I’ve been working with various tools and looking at various planners and methodologies for how to be motivated, get things done, manage your life, etc. The real problem is none of these are for mom’s. Sure there are some great mom bloggers but most of these mom bloggers aren’t living in an RV fulltime and they have spouses which changes things drastically. Also, many of them have little kids, do all the family meal planning etc. and none of that really worked for me. So I’ve looked at tons of planners and pulled out things I liked about the various planners and systems. Last year I even tried to go back to a paper planner because I liked all these pretty planners people are using with stickers and wasi tape and all that stuff and I couldn’t do it. First, I’m not that creative and second I do a lot of the same things and writing the same thing down today as tomorrow is nuts to me. Yes, I do like writing with pen on paper, but I hate being redundant. So I need something digital. I found several sites offering digital pretty planners but again none of those really worked as they all required me to write everything every day there was no automation.

So…after all my testing and searching and researching I finally decided that Notion was my tool of choice. I still have a ton of stuff in OneNote and it will stay there and the kids school work is now in OneNote but I wanted a system that worked more like a old fashioned notebook where I could keep everything.

So…I built it and I went ahead and made a video to show you what it’s looking like right now. I still have other things to add to it, but in it’s current state, you can see how useful this tool can be and my video might give you some ideas on how to get organized.

So here it is. My first video on Notion and how i’m using it to get more organized, track my goals, etc.

And since I was on a roll with the video creating today I did another quick video on Start.Me which I am now using as my start page in Chrome on both Windows and my android phone. I LOVE this tool as well. It’s easy to set up, inexpensive if you want to purchase the paid version, completely useful if you use the free version and the best part is I can share the pages I make with my kids so I can give them a safe start page for their web browsers as well.

You can see that one here.

I hope this gives you some ideas on how you can organize online. Maybe next I’ll review my 100% paperless options and show that in video form. As much as I hate videos, I do think there are sometimes when a picture is worth 1000 words.