A Circled Life

Someone else wrote this several years ago for me…I tweaked it a bit…

In a time distant from years long ago,
A princess faced many a formidable foe.
From a father that stood tall as an oak,
she learned to stand tall but hide in the smoke.

The reflection in the mirror often told,
Lies of a beauty that would never unfold.
Teased, taunted and sometimes ever jeers,
Often left this princess broken and in tears.

As the years lead this princess to womanhood,
Her spirit was shackled with doubt of nothing good.
Striving, pushing, seeking worth in the tasks,
No glory from worldly deeds could this feeling pass.

A princess without a crown or cause to seek,
An injured man entered her life only to prove weak.
Oh God, how this man would present many a test,
The princess wanted a good family in which to rest.

Years came and went this princess lost her heart and soul,
Followed by years of promises for life to be made whole.
The submissive wife and promise to be a faithful man,
And a princess’ hope of a prophetic life – that can.

Laying in this man’s past was a tormented soul,
A darkness this princess could never behold.
Why God, why was his decision allowed to be made,
A choice that brought chaos and a life of disarray.

The year ahead took this princess’ hope away,
With six children from God, why this man chose this way.
Her childhood demons entered with double the force,
Guilt, persecution and a life filled with anger and discourse.

How God, could a life so many prophesized,
Manifest without a spiritual man at a princess’ side?
Filled with hopelessness, despair, and fear nobody cares,
It’s in great trials an awesome God shows He’s there.

The princess’ revelation met with conflict and contradictions,
Now manifests with the hope of a life many made in predictions.
Through the pain and making God her first priority,
God will now lead and be her authority.

Gone are the futile days of despair, worry, and doubt,
In lieu of a life to fulfill others prophesized about.
Always letting nothing come in between,
God and the princess will be a great team.