You are my Hope

You Are My Hope was written by David Moore of Gateway church shortly after Valentine’s Day 2008. When I was planning for my husband’s funeral I wanted something special. I asked our worship leader if he could ask David Moore if he could write a song for us because my children and I love the songs he writes. I never heard back. I asked the pastor helping to make the funeral arrangements if David Moore could possibly write a song for us. I never heard an answer. I figured all I could do was ask and if God intended for it to be then it would be. If not, then it wouldn’t be.

Thursday morning as I was running around taking care of things before the funeral I received a phone call from a pastor at the church. I was told that David had written a song for the funeral. All I knew at that time was it was called something about Hope. I was surprised. I had thought it wasn’t going to happen.

At the funeral when David sang what my family calls “our song” it was beautiful. It was so perfect. After the funeral, I asked if I could talk to David for a moment. I thanked him for writing the song and told him I was surprised because I wasn’t sure my message ever made it to him. He told me that when he heard about our family and what had happened his first response was that he wanted to write a song about it. Then he said that he thought no that wouldn’t be right. He shouldn’t write a song about that. The next day he got a message that we were asking if he would write a song. He knew it was from God.

We hope that David’s song, the song we refer to as “our song” entitled You Are My Hope will bring you as much joy and encouragement as it has our family. It was released in January 2009 on the Gateway devotional. If you’re a friend from Gateway, listen to song #10.

We hope “our song” will encourage you and remind you that God is our hope and whatever our circumstances may look like at any given moment our story is not done.

May God bless you all this next year and for those of you struggling through life at this moment, it is our desire that you know that God will never leave you nor forsake you and He will be there to comfort you if you ask Him.

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