The Blue Chair

Recently I was on a journey with some other people seeking to go deeper with God. One evening during praise and worship God showed me a vision of the blue chair.

In that one moment, that one vision God spoke volumes into my heart. Let me explain.

The blue chair he showed me was the old blue rocker/recliner that we bought when our oldest son was born almost 17 years ago. Instead of buying just a rocker we decided that it would be more practical to buy a rocker/recliner so that when we were done using it in the nursery we could enjoy a recliner in the family room.

However, that blue chair never made it out of the child’s room. It was my nursing chair. Many nights I sat in that old blue chair nursing a baby, rocking a baby to sleep or just holding a fussy child. When we bought that chair we had no idea we would have SIX children! As we had more and more children that chair became a real gathering place. When homeschooling children and nursing an infant many times I sat in that chair nursing one while reading to another one and sometimes two children that would sit in that chair with me.

Over the years that chair moved from room to room as more and more children arrived and it took it’s share of abuse as well. I can’t count the number of times it was spit up on.  How many diapers leaked on that chair.  The cat loved that chair as well so it was scratched and covered with hair.

Two years ago as I finished nursing my last child and we remodeled our house, the blue chair no longer belonged. The color didn’t go with the new paint on the walls. The style didn’t go with the new furniture, and it was pretty beat up after all that use. So I gave that chair away.

But when God showed me that old blue chair, I remembered all those hours spent in that chair holding a baby, nursing a baby, comforting a sick child, sometimes sleeping in that chair with someone laying on top of me because that was the only way I was going to get any sleep that night! That chair was a sign of comfort for my babies. When I was in that chair, any child could climb up into my lap and be loved on, held and comforted. It was big enough for everyone, and there always seemed to be room for one more. There was lots of love and comfort in that chair over the years.

As all those thoughts flooded into my mind of what that chair meant and how it was the place my children could come for love and comfort, I knew what God was saying to me. I felt an overwhelming sense of His love washing over me. This time instead of me being the comforter, I was the one being HELD in the blue chair! I was the one sitting in my Father’s lap, and He was holding me, comforting me, loving on me! It was AWESOME!

I pray that each and every one of you gets to experience a blue chair moment with God. I pray that you feel His love washing over you, comforting you and just holding you and saying….”It’s going to be alright. I love you. I’m here for you.”

And as God would have it…the song playing at the moment he spoke these words to me was “When the Night is Falling”.

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