Busting out of Prison

I was reflecting this morning on several conversations I’ve had with various people over the last year.  Many of these conversations were about issues in their lives or issues they see in someone else’s life that they wish they could help that person overcome but don’t know how.  As I reflected on all these different issues, I thought about prisons and how each of these people are in their own prison of some sort.  Whatever the issue is that keeps them stuck whether it’s a bad marital relationship, an addiction to something, trouble overcoming their own hurt feelings, issues of pride, difficulty controlling one’s anger, whtever the “thing” is, they are trapped by it, stuck in this place and unable and sometimes unwilling to get out of it.

As I reflected on these issues and how people get stuck, I saw each one of these people sitting in their own little jail cell with the walls of their issue keeping them imprisoned in their own little jail and unable to get their freedom because of the walls of the issue(s).  Then I considered whom I would want to help me out of jail if I were stuck there.

I thought of many people I’ve known over the years who seek help in breaking free from their friends and how often that does not help us get out of our cell.  Sadly, many of our friends are trapped in their own cells of some sort.  If I were in prison would I want a person sitting in a cell next to mine telling me how I could get free from there, his plan to escape and him telling me what to do and how to do it?  He’s in the same prison I am why would i listen to him?  Yet that is what we so often do.

How many listen to marital advice from someone who’s been divorced sometimes more than once?

How many of us listen to parenting advice from someone who’s children aren’t behaving properly?

How many times do we listen to pastors teaching us how to be godly people while they don’t love their flock?

Would you take advice on how to win a girl’s heart from a single guy who has difficulty even getting a date?

Yet, in our lives with serious issues, we so often seek advice and counsel from people who care about us and mean well but honestly aren’t qualified to guide us and direct us.

If I’m stuck in that prison, then I want a prisoner who has escaped that prison to guide and direct me.  I certainly don’t want to waste my time listening to the boasting and bragging of the guy who’s been in prison longer than I have!

I thought of the scripture that says if the blind leads the blind they both fall (paraphrased) and sadly I see so many people in the world today following the blind, and sadly many who are blind don’t even know they are blind.

How many pastors give marital advice while their own marriages need help?  How many wives give advice to their friends while they, themselves, have their own marital problems?

I believe the only answer is to seek God first!  God is the only one qualified to help you through anything you are going through.  And after you have done that, seeking counsel from someone who has been through what you’re going through and OVERCOME that issue would be seeking wise counsel.  Theory is all well and good but when you’re in the trenches do you want someone who’s READ about how to fight a battle or do you want some soldier who has been TESTED IN BATTLE and SURVIVED?

I don’t know about you.  I know I have plenty of my own issues to be pointing any fingers at any one.  Just when I think I’ve finally licked one issue and feel pretty good that I’m finally getting to where I need to be another issue rears its ugly little head to show me that I still have so much farther to go.

Perhaps you are struggling with something and have been for some time.  If you have then may I suggest you seek God FIRST then pray about God bringing someone to you that has been through this trial and can walk with you through it.


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