The Purpose of Rain


God has really been speaking to me through rain these last few months.  A few weeks ago when it was raining while I was out of town, I was actually praying for it to rain. For some reason I always like rain. As I was sitting outside watching it rain every so lightly I was thinking about how rain always brings us closer together.

If we are out camping and it rains we all get into the RV. If we have friends or family they are always welcome to come in out of the rain with us and there are always lots of people and very little space. We all get in out of the weather and talk, laugh, share stories, whatever but we are closer than we are when outside in the good weather. I remember many rainy trips where we played cards, worked puzzles, played games. Some of my best memories with my children and as a child are of trips where we got rained out and had to make the best of a situation and we were all forced into close quarters to do something we didn’t normally do but it was fun.

At home when the rain comes and in the spring when we get our tornado season when the rain gets really hard, all the kids go downstairs and we all huddle together in front of the television watching the radar picture and pray for God’s protection over our lives and over our house and everyone we know. Sometimes we even get closer when we have to huddle in the closet under the stairs when the sirens go off.

As I sat there watching the rain and thinking about all these things I realized. The same thing should happen with us spiritually when a little rain comes into our lives, but do we do the right thing or do we do the wrong thing? When the rain comes do you huddle together and get closer to your brothers and sisters in Christ? Do you pray with them and huddle close for that comfort and support and warmth and fellowship, or do you try to go it alone and stand strong and be stoic as you endure the storm all alone? The more difficult the storm I think the more we need our fellow believers to stand with us, pray with us, comfort us and just ride out the storm with us even if they cannot help at all. Just being there knowing we are not alone and forgotten is sometimes all it takes to change a terrifying storm into a great memory and something that can bring us closer together rather than something that can destroy our lives.

So I challenge you, my friends. When the storms come, when it begins to rain in your life, yes we should look first to God but we should also not forget that He didn’t intend for us to go through this life alone. He gave us the “body” of Christ and He does intend for us to help each other or He wouldn’t have said to “bear each other’s burdens”. Yes, we are to give our cares to Him but He is equally clear that we were never intended to go through the difficult times alone. Even Job, although his friends weren’t the best and most encouraging, they did show up and they apparently stayed with him for quite a while.

So, when the rain comes, when the winds blow, make sure you’re not trying to ride it out alone, cowering in fear and praying and hoping for the best but allow others to draw close and help you ride out the storm. It is much more fun to ride out a storm in a closet with 6 kids than sitting all alone. It turns the storm into something not only bearable but sometimes entertaining as well.