Description of a Good Man

Ok. Are there any men out there like this?

Here’s the description of a man from John Denver’s Thank God I’m a Country Boy

Isn’t anything he can’t do
Rises early, goes to bed early
Raises his family
Works hard
Appreciates his wife
Appreciates music
Makes breakfast
Enjoys entertaining the family at the end of the day
Sensitive to his wife’s needs
Works when he should
Wouldn’t trade his life for money
Listened to his father
Knows how to hunt (ok I could skip that one)
Knows how to love
Knows how to give

What a great description of what a man should be.

I always liked that song but I never really looked at the words in it. Good lessons for a young man to learn. Maybe I’ll have the boys start singing it and see if it rubs off on them. 🙂

And if you prefer the original John Denver version.