cloudHQ — the best data mover there is

If you use more than one data storage location and you aren’t using cloudHQ you need to check it out. In this day and age with companies not honoring their contracts, changing their plans, limiting your data and discontinuing unlimited everything (except bottomless fries…you can still get those at Red Robin), you NEED cloudHQ.

Why? Several reasons. You should keep your important data in more than one location. Even though the big guys tell you your data is safe, read the fine print. Most of their terms of use say they are not responsible for your data loss. So if you are relying on only ONE service then you are putting all your data at risk.

So…now what? I need to store my data in more than one location so I have to sit and wait for a backup from my local machine to backup A then do it all again to backup B? NOPE. That’s why you need cloudHQ. You set up your syncs on cloudHQ and they run. If I put a file out on my Google drive, magically (and not using MY data I might add) it copies to my OneDrive as well! VIOLA!

Now…this might not matter to you…but wait.

Are you one of the people like me who took Amazon at its word and signed up for UNLIMITED data and you’ve spent countless hours backing up your entire life to your Amazon drive because “it’s UNLIMITED!” Yeah well, Amazon pulled the plug on that one. No more unlimited. They are now limiting unlimited plans to 1 Tb. Anything more and you have to pay again!

So…no more unlimited. Now what? I fulltime RV. This means I have TWO options. Campground WiFi. If you’ve ever used one you will understand…it’s like using a dial up modem from the 80s! Yes it’s THAT bad. So option 2, pay for a cell phone data plan. Well thanks to Verizon and AT&T and everyone else cancelling all those plans I cannot afford to backup all my digital files AGAIN to another service!

So…cloudHQ to the rescue! Yep. All I have to do is a few tweaks here and there and I get them to move all my data from Amazon over to OneDrive. Because well, yeah, Microsoft might not be unlimited but with Office365 I do get more than 1 Tb and since all my kids also have Office365 accounts they EACH get up to 5 Tb. SO…have to do a little moving but my time is limited to about 15-30 minutes of figuring out what i want moved where then cloudHQ does the rest!

I expect many people are going to be bailing on Amazon’s cloud drive with their latest announcement. Let’s face it Amazon, you do home delivery really well but your cloud, well it just never was that great. Seriously Google runs CIRCLES around you. They just didn’t have your price point. Now that you’ve taken away that carrot I think you will be losing business. Google already offers unlimited photo storage. So why pay for what I already get from them for FREE! Yeah…sorry Amazon. We might be parting company.

But…cloudHQ…is definitely staying in our bag of tools!