YouTube is about the only free thing I’ve found so far.  Unfortunately the YouTube upload is painful to me.  It works but it’s not fast.  I’ve decided the best thing to do is break videos down into smaller videos.  So I took the time to take all those old home movies and I used a USB transfer adapter for my old Hi8 video camcorder and I sat there and let it run for weeks putting one tape after another in and copying off those old tapes.  The videos are all on the NAS but they still aren’t finished editing.  This is the last job and the longest and the one I’m not the most qualified to do but it will get done.  So far we’re up to 2008 on old home videos.  What I decided to do was use an editor I’ve tried several and I’m not the best qualified to tell you which one is best. I’ve tried the Cyberlink products and I’m currenting using them and I’ve had the Pinnacle products. To me they all work about the same but I was having some serious issues with Pinnacle crashing so I switched to Cyberlink stuff.  None are cheap. There may be some free editors but the ones I’ve tried have never been worth the trouble.  So I’ll open one of the large video file and begin slicing it up.  For us it’s usually birthday, birthday, some kid activity, maybe a sport depending on the year, birthday, birthday, Christmas.  So it’s pretty simple.  I clip it for each thing and I’m not the video person I’d say publish it but I think they call it something else.  I save them all as MP4 because that seems to be the standard and then you have to decide the quality.  I think I chose the 2K.  I was doing the 4K when we were at home because I upscales and does a lot to those old videos without me knowing how to fix them and on our Samsung 78” Curved 4K television those old videos looked amazing in 4K.  But now that we’re mobile and uploading  a 4K video is a bit more challenging I opted for the 2K and the kids will just have to suffer.  At least they aren’t getting old real to real projections with no sound.  When I upload to  YouTube I tag the video for the kids.  Year, month, who was in it and what it was and where.  Hopefully some day they will appreciate that all their home videos are on YouTube and they can share them with their family.  I have them all blocked for private right now.  I’d like to find another video thing but again video is not my thing so that was the best I could do and new tvs these days have YouTube built in so it seemed like the best option and I haven’t seen any limits on how many videos you can have or any Gb maximum so I’m hoping it stays that way. If something better comes along we’ll try it.


Now videos getting backed up somewhere else is still one of my challenges.  Where?

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