Statements — to save or not to save

I don’t scan them in.  I don’t save them.  I don’t care about them other than reconciling them to Quicken.  I struggled with this one as it was a piece of paper and that means data and I don’t delete data.  But I reasoned it thus.  I checked all my vendors, banks, creditors etc.  They all with a few exceptions had statements on line available to me for 7 years.  A few did not.  Those few weren’t important enough for me to care.  I figure these guys got skin in the game and they care more about my statements being kept and backed up than I did.  After all if they lose the information then I don’t really owe them anything do I?  And since both my husband and I both at one time worked in the IT department of a few banks we know these guys got backups of their backups of their backups of their backups and they don’t just throw the NAS drive out the window in case of fire they have entire data centers off site sitting there just waiting for a fire so they can operate from them.  So why waste my time, my bites, etc. to store what they care more about storing.  Once I reconcile a statement I toss it.  These days since it’s all digital I don’t ever even see the paper.  Email notification of a statement.  On Monday I process whatever statements are in my email folder for statements (which is all auto sorted for me by Office365 and a few Outlook rules) and I reconcile the ones that are there and I actually delete those emails.  Probably the only emails I delete.  So now I’ve got the original statement stored at the bank, credit card, utility company site and another one stored at Finovera.

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