Printing from Google Drive

We discovered this at DMV hell one day.  If you’ve been to the DMV then you know what I mean.  In Texas at least, the DMV people seem to enjoy making life difficult.  I’ve parent taught THREE of my children in the Texas system of student driving.  Each time they sent me a packet of information.  I completed all the forms and took the forms their packet said needed to be taken to the DMV.  This last time I even went to the web site to read the requirements to make sure we had everything that was needed.  Went to the DMV to wait.  Spent 30 minutes waiting to get to the front desk where Jr says, “do you have everything” to which I confidently replied “I think so”.  He said in his challenging voice, “I’ll bet not!”  Then the game was one.  Do you have the application.  Check.  Do you have the VOE from the school, check, do you have and the list went on and I had every document. Until.  Do you have two forms of proof of residency?  WHAT?  The student information didn’t say anything about that.  You must go.  Do not return until you have it.  Well I’m not driving all the way back home to get it.  What are my options.  I did have one.  The insurance card was in the glove box where it belonged so that was 1 but 2…nope.  Don’t have a second one.  Penalty box for me.  Now the DMV is ONE place where digital documents won’t help.  They are still archaic dinosaurs despite my repeated suggestions to them to change they refuse.  So…you must carry….PAPER!  But wait.  I have Googel drive.  What is needed.  Hmmmm….let’s see.  Ah….I have that.  It’s on my google drive.  Hmmm…where could I get a printer without going home?  One time I actually went to the Car Toys store and they let me log on to their PC and print a utility bill.  They were so nice.  We love Car Toys!  But I didn’t want to go twice. I considered going to Best Buy to use a demo printer but figured they would all be in some demo mode and they might not let me print and printers aren’t like typewriters used to be.  Remember when they would leave paper in them for you to practice.  Most display printers are empty unless you go to Office Depot they sometimes have paper to print demos on.  But…there was a Kinko’s across the street.  Hmmm…they have computers.  I’ll bet I could login and print it there.  Yep…pay a fee use the computer print the items and pay for the printing.  But…wait a minute…what is this…on the copier?  There is now a little box you know where you can slide your credit card to pay.  Somehow you can sign in to your google drive from the copier itself and send a document right from google drive to their copier and just pay the copy fee and not pay for the use of the computer time.


OH MY!  THAT is the BEST FEATURE EVER if you are a mobile traveler.  Find yourself a Fed Ex Kinkos and print from Google drive.  That feature right there makes them the hands down easy winner.


Yes I did go back to the DMV and I even told them that they could make some money by putting one of those copiers in their lobby and charging people a fee to go online and retrieve their documents from google and print them and the fee could not only pay for the copier but make their customers happy.  But they didn’t see it that way.  The state of Texas really should hire me to redesign how they do drivers licenses because I could speed up that process, make people happy and make it not so much like going to hell every time you go there.


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