Passport Drives

 Both exactly the same.  And that GoodSync program.  One thing it does is every night it takes everything from the NAS and it copies it to One Passport drive called Primary.  And on other nights it takes everything on the NAS and it copies it to one Passport drive called Secondary.  So every stinking bite of data is in this RV in at least 3 locations.  Why?  Well RVs are precarious things.  I’ve heard horror stories of them catching fire and you having seconds to get out before there is nothing left.  Although the NAS sits in front of the emergency exit window and I have told the kids in case of fire pick up the NAS throw it out first then climb out the reality is anything could happen.  When we leave the RV for more than running to the grocery store I will grab the Primary USB and throw it into my bag with my little Surface Pro laptop.  That’s it.  Everything I could possibly need in a tiny little space.  Why don’t’ I just use the passport drives instead of a NAS?  SPEED.  Those things are dog slow.  If you knew our old fat dog Scout you’d understand.  They are fine for backup in emergency and occasional use but they aren’t built for lots of data moving and they definitely aren’t built for sharing.  With the NAS the kids can all be getting school work off it at the same time, I can be editing videos stored on it and someone could be streaming a video off it and none of us will see much speed degredation.  But those little passport drives.  They are just slow.  So for now our videos are the only thing that we could lose if the RV burst into flames and we couldn’t get anything out and only some of them haven’t made it up to Amazon drive yet.

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