So…use Outlook.  Let it help you manage your time more wisely.  Let it help you manage your family and do your kids a favor and TEACH them to manage themselves!  Stepping up on my soapbox here.  PARENTS.  STOP IT!  STOP IT!  STOP IT!  Doing everything for your child will only make them lazy spoiled brats who believe the world owes them something.  Our country is creating a huge generation of young adults who aren’t good for anything but chasing pokemon.  Seriously.  It’s YOUR fault!  You did this to them.  I know.  I know you love them and you want them to “enjoy” their childhood.  But honestly…childhood is not meant to be wasted.  Look at the animal kingdom.  Does any animal let their child play all day and do nothing to take care of themselves?  No.  Why?  Because they would die!  Your children will too.   Here’s what happens.  You feel you are mom and it is your duty to be mom and to wash and clean and fold, and cook and you do everything for that child and guess what.  They expect it and then they demand it.  And when they move out on their own who does all their cooking and cleaning and ___?  Yeah right. Them!  But you didn’t teach them how to do anything because you wanted them to “enjoy” their childhood.  You put them in everything they wanted to do and made sure they were happy and playing and socializing and whatever and they think that’s life.  So now they are in the real world and have to cook and clean and they can’t.  And eventually they learn that…life is hard and it sucks and they get depressed because life isn’t fun like when I was a kid and then they either take antidepressants, self medicate with alcohol or turn to sex and/or drugs to make life more fun.  You caused that.  Seriously.  Teach them to wash clothes, teach them to cook, teach them to clean, give them chores and responsibilities.  They won’t like it.  They will complain.  And when they do you tell them that your job as a parent is to teach them to be an adult and believe it or not being an adult isn’t always fun.  We have responsibilities and we have chores and no one makes us do them but if we don’t do them we suffer for it.  I have six children.  They do all the cleaning, all the cooking, all the shopping, they pretty much run the house except for the scheduling and the paying of bills which I want to teach them but haven’t yet been able to.  Some of you will think this is harsh or cruel. But each child has a responsibility and each one grows through each area.  For instance.  Laundry.  Every child up to number 3 has had to learn to do laundry and they keep doing laundry until they prove they have mastered it except in one case where we had a mutiny and the family decided that child X was so bad at laundry that they wanted to move child Y up to that position because Child X was NEVER going to do it right.  They knew how..but child X seems to be one who believes if you screw up a job long enough someone else will take it over.  But child X kept the job long enough to know how to separate colors, how to wash, how to dry and how to turn everyone’s socks and underwear pink each and every time they did the laundry.  The children take turns cooking.  Even the youngest that is now 9 wants to cook so we rotate that one.  Yes I do hear the occasional “that’s not fair” to which I reply my late huband’s favorite line and all the children chime in “fare is what you pay to get on the bus”.  Or they get a lecture on how life will be when they move out and that they will not only have to X but they will have to do every chore that needs to be done because there will be no one else to do them and they will appreciate that they know what it takes to run a house and how to do things.  We have redivision of chores from time to time.  The RV has present us with lots of new chores.  The oldest boy gets to hook and unhook the towed vehicle as well as all the shore connections water, sewer, electric, dump the tanks, flush them check batteries, etc.  Honestly I don’t even know how to do many of these things as my oldest has always done them since he was 14 and his dad died.  He’s figured it out.  He left last year and his next brother figured it out.  When we leaves there will be 3 girls and one younger boy.  Not sure how that’s going to work but we’ll figure it out and if one of my daughters winds up doing all the shore connections, hooking and unhooking the towed, etc. then she will have skills many other girls won’t.  The thing is…kids need to learn and they need to learn responsibility and that starts with managing their own schedules and their own time and Outlook can help with that.  Teach them the tools.  Use them.  Get organized and stay organized.  An organized life is a lot easier.

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