OneDrive – The Beast

But the problem with OneDrive is it’s slow, it’s cumbersome, it’s not pretty and it wants to put everything under your User directory on your C drive and this can be a huge pain the behind if you have a smaller solid state drive for faster booting.  You have to make directory links to fake windows into thinking that your drive is where it wants it to be not where you need it to be.  OneDrive has been working on improving.  Maybe one day they will take my suggestion of letting me choose where to store my drive.  In fact, it may now have more flexibility in that area but I haven’t looked.  Mine is set up and it works most of the time.  This one is a bit dicey though how I use it and Microsoft would probably not recommend it.  I took my entire documents directory from my windows user id and put it under OneDrive.  Why?  Because too many programs just stick their stuff their without asking you things like Neat store their database under User/Documents.  I don’t do backups of my entire pc.  I used to.  I tried but with how windows is these days it just wasn’t worth my time or trouble.  If something failed and I could find the one file that failed and restore it windows wouldn’t work right. Gone are the days of just backing up your entire pc and setting it on auto backup.  Instead I selectively backup.  Pretty much all of windows can be rebuilt easily although time comsuming.  So we only need to back up the data.  Instead of using a backup program I opted for file syncing programs.  Backups often cannot be accessed only restored.  Syncing however allows me to access the file remotely in some other way.  Much more useable.  So my OneDrive backs up all my documents directory under User and then backs up photos but I don’t store photos on my OneDrive so why have photos there?


Ok now bear with me.  This may sound crazy and reading it sounds like a lot of work but remember.  Set it up once and let it work on it’s own.  Sure my initial set up might take a little longer but on a daily basis everything works on it’s own and I do very little.  Ok so on my phone which has a great camera I let it backup my photos to OneDrive.  I will address photos in more detail later.  Then when my PC logs in it downloads all those photos from my phone that my phone uploaded.  Ok.  Now they are on my pc and safe.  I’ll go into what I do with them next when we get to photos.  But they are there only temporarily and I did NADA to get them there except snap the photo and let my phone do it’s thing and my pc do it’s thing.


I don’t have much else on OneDrive even though I have 1 Tb.  Just don’t like it’s sync feature that much.  And I have TWO OneDrives.  I have the business OneDrive and the personal OneDrive.  I do keep some school docs on the business onedrive.  I try to separate things like school.  So if I want to find school related things I know to login to OneDrive not Google.  Remember when I said think of those free drives as file folders not different entities.  School = OneDrive.  Home management = Google.  I have Legal docs that I needed one either DropBox or someone else I foget.  I rarely use it.  I haven’t needed more space so I haven’t been using all the free systems I could.  But I have accounts with them just to see how well they work and use them from time to time on different projects.


I did recently move all my music to OneDrive. They have a new Groove app that was supposed to be like google music. So far I’m not impressed but I Just haven’t chosen to move them anywhere else yet.


Yes I did rip every CD in my house.  I actually even ditched the originals.  Since I have multiple backups of my music.  We also ripped every DVD we own as well.  I’ll get to that later too.

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