More jobs with GoodSync

GoodSync comes into play again here because I have jobs set up that kick off on different days so that my PC isn’t running all night long.  I already mentioned the job that moves the OneDrive photos to the NAS drive photo directory for the month.  That one actually deletes the original after it copies.  I can tell quickly if it’s working because my camera directory on OneDrive is empty.  I also use it to backup my Google drive.  Yep..I have a job set up that daily takes the gdrive folder on my pc and copies it to the gdrive folder on my NAS.  Since those are my most often changed files I wanted them backed up to the NAS in case my PC failed.  Since we are mobile I don’t have internet every day.  When we’re in Canada I get very little internet so all our internet backups are delayed.  If my PC were to crash on a day that I haven’t had internet access then I would lose any changes I made to my most often changed files stored on Google Drive.  So GoodSync every day just makes a copy to the NAS.  It is not allowed to delete any files in case I accidentally deleted something and it will overwrite older files with newer ones.  It runs automated in the background unattended.  I do nothing but make sure my PC is turned on for the day.  It logs me in if I’m not logged in.

In addition to copying the google drive it then does a serious of different jobs on different days.  I figured out it was better to break things down to smaller jobs rather than running just 3 jobs which could do everything I need.  GoodSync runs an analysis of the two directories to be synced.  The analysis can be time consuming if you have a lot of files or a lot of directories.  Remember my categories earlier?  You can use that to make the jobs smaller and work more efficiently.


This isn’t all the jobs I have set up but it gives you an idea of what you can do.  GoodSync is the ONE company I’ve found that can sync to Amazon Cloud.  Remember that UNLIMITED storage I get every year for $59.99?  Yep..I use it to back up everything on my NAS drive.  And since GoodSync only tries to sync what has changed.  After the initial set up and the initial sync it is a small job to run nightly.  I have one job to backup my Google drive to Amazon Drive.  I have one that backs up my Public directory to Amazon Drive (that’s where those root categories of Home Management, Finances, etc. are stored), I have one that backs up my pictures directory to Amazon Drive, I have one that backs up my Videos direcotires to Amazon Drive.  Now that one still hasn’t finished.  I let it run every week and those video files are quite large so it has never finished it’s initial sync.  It will get there eventually.  When it does then it will only need to upload new videos added that week.  It’s getting closer but again we are on limimted cell phone data plan internet so I don’t have the 100Gbps I used to have in the b&s.  (Man my b&s had it’s advantages!)  So basically any directory I have on my NAS or on my PC that is important gets backed up again automatically at night while I sleep to my Amazon Drive.  GoodSync is smart. It adds directories it needs and it maintains the structure I set up so it makes my AmazonDrive cloud look fantastic!


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