Google Photos

k so my phone backs up to OneDrive the FULL SIZE photos I take.  No size restrictions so my oriignals get moved to OneDrive but again this is temporary.  I also have Google Photos on my phone and I let it back up but only at the FREE file size which is reduced.  But with Google you get unlimited photos as long as you let it store them in this reduced format.  Google photos is AWESOME one of the best.  Now they organize your photos.  Let’s say I want to find that photo of us at the waterfall.  All I have to do is type waterfall and Google finds all my waterfall photos.  How that search engine works is beyond me because I didn’t tag all those photos but it is amazing how it finds things and it’s fast.  Ok so my photos are now backed up for free to Google photos in a smaller size for ease of viewing and sharing with friends and backed up to OneDrive temporarily in full size for me.  I also let Amazon photos back them up as well in full size so Now I’ve got redundant redundancy!  But that’s not all.


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