Good Sync – Automatic File Syncing

I tried Free File Sync and it’s good too but I liked Good Sync better.  Interface was just better and it can be set to automatic.  So.  Remember the OneDrive temporary photos.  GoodSync will sync things for me when I set them up.  I can do either one sided back up type syncing or two sided actual keep things in sync.  I can choose whether missing files are added or whether removed files should be deleted.


I set up one GoodSync job to take all the photos from my OneDrive photos folder where my camera uploaded them to the cloud and the cloud downloaded them to the OneDrive folder.  Now GoodSync runs daily and says…is there anything in that drive?  Ah I see that.  And each month I change the location. I have a end of month routine that takes me maybe 15 minutes to do to make sure everything is working and setup.  I should explain that I store my photos by the following.  Directory for the year.  Under the year directory 12 directories one for each month.  At first I just did 01 – 12 but I found with Google that it was better to do say 2016 08 August.  A little redundant but once you start uploading to google you’ll find out why.  Searching…  Trust me having the year and the date is easier.  Why not just have all years and all dates in one directory not the sub directory?  Because I hate seeing a bazillion directories. I’d rather click on 2016 click on 2016 08 August.  Why 08 and August?  Because I don’t want to think 08……August.  08 for sorting because if you do January February, then things are not in chronological order.  Many years of data analysis has taught me some things you just should do even if they look redundant.


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