Finovera is a great product that is still struggling but seems to keep trying.  Their competitor gave up decided it was too difficult and they had a great product.  I for get their name but Finovera stepped in and is still trying.  Basically you open a Finovera account.  Again this is FREE.  And you tell it who you do business with and they have almost everyone I used to do business with except like the City water department and some odd things here and there.  You set up your accounts with login and password and grant them access to your account.  So far I’ve used them a few years never seen any data breaches.  They login to your accounts and retrieve your statements for you.  So instead of logging into 7 different credit cards I login to Finovera.  On the dashboard it tells me what’s going on.  Sometimes things need to be adjusted as companies change things.  If an account isn’t working you’ll notice as it has a red line and says it needs attention.  If things are working right then on the right side you will have a list of bills you need to pay.  It tells you when things are due and how much you need to pay.  It downloads the statements for you and stores them so all those statements are all saved and easy to be accessed without having to login to the individual company.  They even are set up to let you pay your bills through them. I think there may be fees with that.  I’ve never used them.  I have everything set up for auto pay since I’m on the road I don’t want to worry about missing a deadline.  About every other week I login to Finovera look for new statements which are listed on the right side and reconcile my accounts in Quicken.  Delete the action items when they’re done.  If an account needs attention I fix the problem.  Sadly they keep having problems due to businesses constantly changing.  That’s what killed their competitor but these guys haven’t quit yet so I’m not quitting on them.  I like having statements saved for me.

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