Digital Movies

Yep..I have a directory on the NAS called Movies and it is every DVD we ever purchased.  Now I did also sign up with Vudu and they used to do $1 convert your DVDs to digital through Walmart.  You download their software.  Took me a few days.  I would put a disk in it reads the disk if it has an agreement with that movie company then it adds it to your video queue with Vudu.  I did this with over 400 movies we owned and at time about half were in their system.  I haven’t done in since we went on the road because I can’t stream as easily.  So the rest of the DVDs that weren’t Vudu’d we copied (for backup purposes only) so that we could view them in the RV without having to carry around all those DVD boxes.  Try putting 6 kids 4 cats, 2 dogs and a mom into a 38’ x 8’ space and everything you need to live.  There just is no room for DVDs.  Although we did used to carry the entire collection of Star Trek Next Generation, Voyager, Deep Space 9 and Enterprise.  We finally got those copied off.  So that NAS drive.  It takes up the same amount of space no matter how much we put on it and it has included in it a streaming video server.  DLNA is the proper term for it but basically any kid with a PC or a tablet in our RV when the NAS is on can pull up any video we have in our video library and play it and our wonderful Samsung 48” K4 tv which isn’t our 78” curved 4K but still has a great picture can stream anything from that NAS as well so we can have movie nights when there is on internet and watch some of our favorites.

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