Digital Filing

Some of you need to clean up your act.  Again..not one folder for each name.  Seriously come on guys.  If there is only one file in a folder you don’t need that folder.  GROUPS.  You need to group things.  Here’s a little of how my file structure is laid out.



Home Management






I might have more main categories than that but start with lumping things together.  Pictures and videos…those can become huge monsters.  I’ll address them later so they get their own main folder.  Home Management well that’s everything related to me running our household.  Legal that’s a serious one and needs it’s own top category.  Moms is my mom’s stuff that I have to manage.


Under these I break things down again by category.  Finances are pretty much just spreadsheets, budgets, credit card information etc.  Ok for credit cards.  Some of you will cringe but I do either scan my credit cards front and back and save them as a jpeg or I type in the information into a text file and I save them under a folder for them.  That way if I ever lose a credit card I have all the information and if I’m online shopping and I need credit card info I don’t have to (back when we had a b&s) go downstairs to the car where I leave my purse retrieve my wallet and go back upstairs to finish my order in the office.  So far as I said I’ve never been hacked.  I would be careful which vendor you choose to store this information with.  Make sure it’s one that would spend more money on security.  I won’t tell you which I’ve chosen but I do sync it to the cloud.  I do not, however, sync passwords except that they are saved in my Office365 Exchange email but Exchange is itself encrypted.

I have a Quicken directory for quicken files.


Under Home management I have folders such as 2015 Expedition (our RV), Correspondence (which is being more and move moved to just leaving those in Neat), Electronics, Insurance, Inventories, Maps, Medical, Membership cards, Warranties, Web Sites and then a few things that just stay in the main Home Management folder because I didn’t know how to classify them or just didn’t get around to it.


So these things are things that sync on Google.  Because I either scan everything in or received it digitally in the first place I can for instance go to Home Management, Insurance and find my current insurance policy or insurance card.  I no longer worry about whether I remembed to take that stupid little insurance card and put it into the glove box.  If I ever need it all I do is pull it up on my cell phone and viola..there it is.


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