Create your own Web Page for your favorite Bookmarks

Think about how you use your computer.  Do you bank at Wells Fargo?  Do you type repeatedly?  Yeah…after a while don’t you get tired of every day typing the same stupid things to do simple tasks?  I did.  For me when I was a consultant I counted “clicks”.  I tried to make all my systems with as few clicks as possible.  If it took someone five clicks to open a file…that was too many.  I put that same thing to use in our home.  Also, sometimes I would be somewhere and I would want to do something on a friend’s computer or maybe a public computer and I couldn’t remember the url.  Problem solved.  So.  Pick your favorite html editor, use the one GoDaddy provides, use Microsoft Word, use Apple whatever they have for word processing or use what I used Serif WebPlus.  I believe they have a free version you can try.  I actually liked it so I paid for the full program.  It’s fairly simple and has some more robust tools.  It’s by far not the best thing out there, it’s not the cheapest nor the most expensive but it gets the job done.  I know Adobe has some products but I always found their programs to be more difficult to learn. will take you to their site.  At the time of this blog the current price was $119.95 for their program.  But as I said…there are  FREE programs you can do this with or use Microsoft Word.  All you need is something you can type in and create hyperlinks.

Now that you have your domain and your chosen web development now the hard part. What web sites do you visit frequently?  You can go to and see my current page.  It is something I spent time working on and only for my personal use.  It is on the web so I cannot prevent people from seeing it but as far as I know it never comes up in any search engine.  I used to keep it just on my pc but I found myself at someone’s office one day needing something so I decided I would publish it to my domain so I could access it wherever I was.


If you look at it you will see I laid it out in columns and created tabs for different things I don’t use as often but wanted to put together.  When I decided to do this I was using a 3rd party browser product that saved my favorites so I could access them anywhere.  But their product with all the Internet Explorer upgrades would fail until they caught up with IE.  I don’t recall the name so I don’t know if they are still in business.   I went through my favorites in my browser (I personally use IE which is not the best and probably my one really bad decision I have yet to change.  But I know IE and where to change settings and I can never get Chrome to do what I want.  With the anniversary upgrade to Windows 10 though I am about to change.)  Ok…so look through your favorites, look at your history or just look at your life and make a list of all those on line services you use often.  Instead of typing 25 characters all you have to do is click.  Then you’re at their site.  Easy peasy.  If you looked at my main home page you will see that I created a logo for each company.  We are visual creatures…seeing pictures is often faster than reading words and we all recognize the logos of the companies we frequent and the ones we don’t, well their name is usually in their logo.  How did I get all those logos?  That was simple.


Use the snipping tool in Windows to get logos. Then click on the address bar of your browser and copy that address.  Move over to your web development tool and insert a photo.  Once you insert the photo and put it on the page wherever you want then you just use the tool and add a hyperlink to the photo.  This will vary depending on your web development platform.  Viola.  You have now created your first item.  Keep doing this until you have added all the places you visit.  Make your web page as fancy as you want.  You will see I added a bible verse of the day.  I found that little snippet on some Bible site and copied the html code and stuck an html code snippet on my page.  You can google (don’t you love google) just about anything and find it.  I also added a weather app which sadly doesn’t always work now.  I’m hoping they fix whatever is keeping it from getting my location from windows.  Some day I may replace that.  I also put date and time on there.  Again I wanted a clock so I googled how to put a clock on my web page and came up with lots of options.  Whatever you would like to see when you open your browser that is what you should put there.  If you like sports and want to see scores, if you want stock market information. Pretty much whatever you would like to consolidate you can find someone has written something to put it on your page.  So…go, explore, build!  Make it your page.  I created my own logo with a free logo creation program.  I’d tell you the name of it but it was years ago and I don’t recall but you can google free logo and you’ll find places to do that.  Make it yours.  Make it pretty.  Then…publish it to your personal domain at This step varies depending on your program.  One reason I like Web Serif is that it handles this piece for me so well.  Since I have a multi page web site it requires more work linking the pages together that Web Serif does through navigation bars.  Then I click publish to web.  I have to set up my GoDaddy login info into the Web Serif program and tell it where I want the info stored.  This took a little testing trial and error.  Basically a web site will look for the index.html file and launch that.  So when you type it actually goes to GoDaddy to the directory they created and looks for any file named index.html.  I’m not a web development expert so this is not my area of expertise.  But as long as you let Web Serif handle things it makes it easy.  It uploads everything.  Save your file for future updates on your personal PC in a place you can find it again.  Trust will be adding and removing things from this page for the rest of your life as things come and go.

You will see I listed banks that I use, credit cards that I have, services that I use, I used to have utilities when I had a b&s, file services I like to use (I’ll address this one later), my mailing service, insurance, think about everything you do business with if they have an online web site to interact put them on there.  If you’re young…trust me as you get older you forget things.  If it’s on your page…it’s easier to find.

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