Cloud HQ

Remember MultiCloud?  CloudHQ is the other part (not at all related company) but you need two things.  You need to be able to see all your clouds and manage them manually and that’s MultiCloud but you also need to be able to make things work for you without you doing anything and that’s CloudHQ.  Cloud HQ lets you link to all those clouds.  They have a free service that does most of the personal cloud sites and they have a paid account which lets you use Office365 Dropbox Professional and other business type things. It’s affordable.  I will disclose again they are the only ones who give me any benefit for mentioning them and they will give you  a 1 year business account for blogging about how great they are.  But I’d do that anyway because they are.  I set up all my accounts in CloudHQ one time.  I set up a sync.  Again like GoodSync for my PC it does the same thing but in the cloud.  Here’s why this is important.  On Multicloud which I love in order to move data I drag and drop it or click move and you can see down in the little window at the bottom it is moving things and I believe it will use up data on my PC to make that move.  I might be wrong here but I believe if I log out it will stop that action and not complete it.  I must be signed in to actively do anything.  And there are times I want to see all my files and search them them and MultiCloud is fantastic for that.  But there are times I just want things being moved and I don’t want to spend time doing it, I want it automatic and I want it done without using my precious internet data.  Like GoodSync you can set up one way syncs or two way syncs.  So think backup or keep both copies exactly the same.  You can decide for each sync if files should be deleted or over written and whether or not backup copies should be kept as files change.


I have CloudHQ set up to take Drop box and sync it with Amazon Cloud.  Those are actually real time synced.  If one changes the other updates.  I also have google drive set to back up to Amazon drive.  It took maybe 15 minutes of work to set up the accounts and set up the syncs and then it just runs every day all by itself.  Every cloud drive I use is backed up to Amazon drive by CloudHQ and I never spend any time with it.  Now my files are in one location that I choose based on what it is and then it is on my NAS drive so I can access it if we have no internet and my NAS drive backs up with GoodSync nightly when we have internet and keeps things backed up to Amazon and my photos are backed up on google and OneDrive and Amazon cloud and well you can see that I have everything stored in at least 2 cloud places and the NAS so short of an EMP being set off and rending technology useless I should theoretically never lose anything.


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