I am old enough to be one of the first generation of kids who actually used a desktop computer in school.  Yes I am THAT old.  Computers fascinated me and growing up loving Star Trek I dreamed of having all that technology at our fingertips.  Although we are still years or decades maybe even centuries away from transporters and replicators, we have come a long way.  I took my love of computers and that knowledge of Apple Basic I was taught in school and continued to learn about systems.  I spent many years as a consultant in the industry as a database developer.  Back in the days when Dbase and the even better FroxPro were “the” thing to know I taught myself those systems and managed to convince someone to hire me as a consultant.  From that first job I went on to work for some large fortune 500 companies in several industries working on all kinds of systems from oil and gas acquisitions to the banking industry.  What I seemed to enjoy most was integrating systems.  When one archaic mainframe would meet the windows desktop and the company would want to take their mainframe data and put it into some more user friendly format on their desktop machine.  Those challenges were always my favorite tasks.  Manipulating the data from one system to another.  At one of my favorite jobs, Dr Pepper Seven-Up corporation my manager decided we were going to utilize Lotus Notes.  Notes was and is one of the most interesting programs to work in.  It basically has no structure like most database systems which could make it both infuriating at times but also very fast and easy to develop in.  I worked for several years exclusively with Notes and loved it and still miss it to this day. Unfortunately it never became that popular and there is no affordable home version otherwise I’d be using it now.

So why would I tell you all of that?  Just to share with you that I have some knowledge of IT systems and developing and have spent enough years being paid for my opinions that I think I’m qualified to give advice on systems, integration, development, etc.

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