Amazon Drive — monster storage — and all monsters eventually meet their doom!

UPDATE 07/07/17

Amazon announced they are discontinuing their UNLIMITED storage plan. I personally think this is a HUGE mistake on their part as their product is inferior to most of the other clouds out there. They offer no sync option without using a third party product and many times they error out and you have to keep retrying to get things working.

Anyone with a current unlimited plan will be switched over to the 1 Tb plan at the same price unless they cancel or change their plan. Althouogh their 1 Tb plan is still a good deal. I will be abandoning them as soon as I get my data transferred off. I’m sorry Amazon. It was good while it lasted but its over. And…it’s not me…it’s YOU. Sorry.

So although much of the data below is still relevant be advised no more unlimited. They like AT&T and Verizon have decided to be greedy and restrictive.

In place of my Amazon unlimited I decided to do more with my OneDrive for Business. With my Office365 education package I currently have 2 Tb PER USER available for storage. So I’m moving everything with MultCloud and cloudHQ over to OneDrive. So far, so good. cloudHQ much better product. Multicloud keeps refusing to transfer files for various reasons. I should have under 1 Tb of storage moved before the end of my Amazon unlimited and then I’ll still have more than 1 Tb of free space on OneDrive. Since OneDrive lets me choose which files to sync to my PC I can store all my stuff in the cloud but only retrieve to my PC what I want stored there. I looked at a lot of options for storage and am still considering paying for a Dropbox account…but I couldn’t justify paying more money when I already have space available and Microsoft is playing much better with everyone else these days.

Still a lot of good information in the original article below though. So, please do go ahead and read through it.

I keep hoping Amazon and Google will get married one day and become Amagoogle or Googlezon.  But until that happens they each are great but not at the same things.  Google is fast and easy and sharable and all those wonderful things you want a sync to be but they aren’t the cheapest bang for your buck.  So enter Amazon.  Pay the money.  Get the Prime membership.  Seriously.  Why would you drive to the store to get something you can get cheaper tomorrow if you order it online today and now they are doing one day delivery in some places.  Free shipping = less gas!  Why go to the store?  I don’t ok well when I had a b&s I didn’t go to the store unless I absolutely had to.  Amazon pricing is good, their return policy is more than good and their shipping is outstanding.  But they added Unlimited Cloud storage yes you read that right.  UNLIMITED cloud storage for their Prime members for an additional fee.  The current fee on top of the Prime membership fee is $59.99 per year. But that’s UNLIMITED and so far I’ve pushed that limit and they haven’t pushed back.  U have 310 Gb of photos, 1,891 gb of videos and 68,000 gb of files.   When comparing prices it’s hard to beat $59.99 with no limits.  Of course you do have to be a Prime member first..but…what do you get with prime…free second day shipping.  Ok some of you will argue yes but if you look at the prices of the Prime shipping items you can find a cheaper item and pay for shipping.  Yes you can but if you do the math usually it works out about the same.  So are you really saving the shipping?  You could argue no.  But…what else do you get for prime?  Prime video.  Yep..not Netflix but it does have a decent amount of movies and if you like old classics like even some of those summer classics we watched in summer when school was out, you Elvis movies, the Gidget movies, Beach movies, etc.  There is enough stuff there and lots of kid stuff that you can find something to watch.  So I count it as a bonus.  They also include Prime Photos.  Now this one you’d have to check.  I’m not sure if it comes WITH Prime or with the Unlimited Everything package.  All I know is there is no size limit on the files unlike some other places.  And you get Amazon prime music which probably isn’t the most popular music source but it works well and it’s easy.


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