Snipping Logos

If you are an apple head…I’m sure there is an equivalent but I’ve never bitten the apple so I can’t tell you what it is.  Ok.  Snipping tool is easy.  For creating your web site you will want to have your web development app open and then another web site.  Most browsers let you use tabs.  This first creation will take some time and I will tell you is my least favorite part but if you spend the time, you will save so much time in the future it will be worth it.  So…open the snipping tool.  It is easy to use.  Go to the web site of the company you want.  I usually navigate to the login page.  Then use snipping tool and select the area around the logo.  Cut.  Then click the save button and save it to a directory.  I created a directory just for logos.  Put them all in the same place.  Make it easy on yourself.